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A deconstruction team member from Re-use Hawaii in action. (Photo credit: Andy Stenz)

Re-use Hawaiʻi: Transforming waste into a community resource

Hawaiʻi is currently facing a waste crisis where more waste is generated than can be sustainably managed.

Annually, 2.2 million tons of waste are produced on Oʻahu alone. Construction and demolition activity is the largest contributor to the waste stream, accounting for roughly 30% of all waste generated.

Re-use Hawaiʻi was founded in 2006 on a mission to cultivate the circular economy in Hawaiʻi and transform waste into resources. Re-use Hawaiʻi offers deconstruction as a sustainable alternative to demolition and makes the salvaged material available to the public at largely discounted prices.

Through their programs, Re-use Hawaiʻi diverts tons of reusable building material from landfills each week, transforms waste into resources, and contributes to a circular and sustainable economy for Hawaiʻi.

Three members of the Re-use Hawaii team smile and pose in front of a work truck.
The Re-use Hawaiʻi team keeps operations running smoothly. Pictured here: Michaela Nartia, Director of Administration; Ryan Reynolds, Deconstruction Program Manager; and Pepa Fonokalafi, Deconstruction Team Leader. (Photo credit: Andy Stenz)