Hannah Joseph, FoodCorps service member, teaches students about the six parts of the plant.
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On the Path to Regenerative Philanthropy

Foundations and giving programs come in many different shapes and sizes. In our view this variety leads to a thriving sector when nonprofits are given respect as equal partners in this work. When we shifted to more trust-based and regenerative practices, we leaned into the resources listed here, along with our lived experience and conversations with partners. We consider ourselves practitioners on the path to regenerative philanthropy. We learn from those who are further along this journey, and we welcome questions and offer support to anyone who is contemplating a shift to trust-based, regenerative philanthropy.


Peer-Learning Networks

Photo credit: Hannah Joseph, FoodCorps service member, teaches students about the six parts of the plant.

Pinpoint THF on the Path

When we talk about trust-based philanthropy, what do we mean? According to the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, there are four key dimensions and six recommended grant making practices of a trust-based approach, each focused on shifting power from funder to community.

We believe we engage in four of the six practices fully. As for the other two practices: We make unrestricted grants, yet we have not shifted to 100% multi-year grants at this time; and, we strive to be transparent, however, we know we have work to do in further defining our funding areas. 

Trust-Based or Regenerative Philanthropy?

Generally, we view trust-based philanthropy as a philosophy and set of guidelines for grantmaking practices centered on shifting power to nonprofits. We view regenerative philanthropy as encompassing those practices as well as other levers of philanthropy such as the endowment and impact investments. There is overlap, but the exploration of language is a great sign that momentum continues to build towards a new way to engage in philanthropy. 

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