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What If We’re Not Funded?

We Know How Disappointing No’s Can Be

Some of us even worked for years as grant seekers before joining The Healy Foundation as grantmakers. When people told us it was a difficult decision but our grant didn't make the cut, we didn’t always understand. What’s so hard about giving money away?

Why Wasn’t Our Proposal Funded?

The truth is that Oregon and Hawaiʻi have a large number of people and teams working on youth, environment and community-centered missions, and our grant budget cannot cover every meaningful request.

If an organization out of state applies and wonders why they were denied, the answer is easy: they fall outside of our geographic area. Most of the time, however, proposals that are denied fall within our funding priority areas and we simply had too many other proposals to consider. We are working on increasing our so-called success rate, and we also believe strongly in maintaining an open process so that anyone can apply.

This is an area we are working on refining. As we collaborate with the nonprofit community in further defining our funding priority areas and process, we will communicate any future changes here and more broadly.

Can We Apply Again?

If you have read over our guidelines and believe your mission falls within one or more of our priority areas and you were denied funding, you are welcome to apply again in the next calendar year.