Volunteers at Our Village Gardens (Portland, OR) planting seeds together.


We have a two-step process and make grants four times per year.


We can't tell you if you'll be funded before you apply, but we can help you decide if your organization is a fit.

  1. Does your organization work in Hawaiʻi and/or Oregon? (It is OK if your organization works in a broader area and does a portion of work in Hawaiʻi and/or Oregon.)
  2. Does your organization work in one or more of the following areas: climate change mitigation, protecting ecosystems, youth advocacy, youth education, or reducing childhood poverty? For more detail on how we define our funding categories, read our description on our What We Fund page.

If you answered yes to both questions, your organization is eligible to apply.

How to Apply

  1. Determine if your organization is eligible using the guideline above.
  2. Create a record in our online grant portal and submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Our maximum grant award is $50,000.

Our Process

Our grant application has two steps:

  1. LOI: Create a record in our online portal and complete the LOI. We try to review LOIs within seven days of receiving them but sometimes it takes us a bit longer.
  2. Application: If your LOI is approved, you will have access to our application. Please submit your application no later than one month before the next board meeting if you would like it reviewed at that meeting. For example, our Fall 2024 board meeting is on 10/17/24. In order to have your grant request reviewed at that meeting, we need to have your application submitted by 9/17/24.

Our 2024 board meeting dates are:

  • 2/29/24, application cut-off date: 1/29/24
  • 5/16/24, application cut-off date: 4/16/24
  • 8/1/24, application cut-off date: 7/1/24
  • 10/17/24, application cut-off date: 9/17/24

Join Our Community

If you've determined your organization is eligible after reading the guidelines above, you can apply.