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We Mean It: 100% of Our Grants Are Unrestricted

The rule we live by is that you and your team are the experts in your field. Because of that, we do what we can to minimize our application process. We know every minute spent on applications is a minute away from executing your missions that impact all of us.

What Do We Mean by Unrestricted?

If you are awarded a grant, how you spend it is up to you. While most put our grants towards general operating needs, some choose to allocate our grants to specific projects as a way of leveraging additional support or for another reason.

Our only exception to our unrestricted rule is on geography: we make grants to organizations working in Hawaiʻi and Oregon. Most organizations are only working in one state, but we do make grants to organizations with a national or regional reach also. In that case, we ask that our grant dollars go towards work in Hawaiʻi or Oregon.

Photo credit: Garret Downen, Reading Results

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