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The Healy Foundation Team.

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We are entrepreneurs, business executives, nonprofit founders–turned philanthropists, teachers, chefs, environmental activists and volunteers. Some of us are related by family, and each one of us is connected to purpose and belief in engaging and turning toward community.

Foundation Team

Suzanne Geary

Executive Director, Board Member

I believe equity-based philanthropy supports enduring impact, and I am inspired by our nonprofit partners daily, those working on the front lines of issues that impact all of us. I am grateful to be a part of the team at The Healy Foundation and especially appreciate their commitment to relationship building.

Usha Kilpatrick

Hawaiʻi Program Director

I am grateful to be a part of The Healy Foundation because I am inspired daily by the deep commitment of our grant partners to work toward a Hawaiʻi in which our communities, youth and islands are healthy and thriving. I am also inspired by The Healy Foundation’s commitment to trust-based philanthropy and empowering community.

Valerie Wilson

Grants Administrator and Scholarship Specialist

I am a part of The Healy Foundation because it adds purpose and meaning to my life.

Philanthropy inspires me because it addresses the needs of my community and in a broader sense, the world. It provides a way to make a difference.

Manini Beach Team

Sandy Esperanza

Manini Beach Manager

As a Hawaiian, it is important to take care of the land and I am honored to be a steward of Manini Beach.

Diane Heinlein

Manini Beach Assistant Caretaker

I am proud to be a caretaker for The Healy Foundation at Manini Beach. The true Hawaiian meaning of "Manini" is small fish and I’m happy watching over them and the visitors.

Joel Pearson

Manini Beach Assistant Caretaker

I am grateful to be a part of the team at Manini Beach. It is exciting to help care for such a special place.

Board Members

Cameron Healy

Founder, Board Chair, Executive Committee

I am a part of The Healy Foundation because it creates a legacy of giving and positive impacts in the communities that I personally care for.

Philanthropy inspires me as it provides a constructive channel to deploy wealth that acts as a constant source of personal inspiration and fulfillment.

Marc Cramer

Finance Director, Executive Committee

I am a part of The Healy Foundation, having come from some related “for profit” businesses where I witnessed how, with the proper values, vision and intent in the business world you can participate just as energetically and seriously, knowing the success of your endeavors will eventually result in additional funding to the Foundation! What if all businesses could have such a model?

Diane Hall

Executive Committee

I am grateful to be a part of The Healy Foundation because it has inspired me to see the world through new eyes.

THF provides opportunities to make a difference; to invest, support and impact positive change. To be a good listener, respect people with empathy and kindness. THF has given deeper meaning and greater purpose to every day.

Sumpuran Khalsa

I am a part of The Healy Foundation because I am honored to support my father’s (Cameron’s) vision. He has created a legacy of care for people and places in true need that are dear to his heart.

Philanthropy inspires me because “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” The people that are supported by the Healy Foundation are the true makers of the new world, the future of the world we hope for, where people have enough to eat, children are saved from abuse and neglect, Mother Earth can regain its balance from our exploitations. I am enriched and inspired by these people working so hard for our greater good. It is a blessing to be able to participate in my small way.

Laney Patrick

Philanthropy inspires me because I have the opportunity to interact with nonprofits that have changed the way I look at youth and environmental issues. They give me hope for the future of our planet.

I am part of the Foundation because I enjoy being exposed to new ideas to help our climate and give youth a chance to be successful so they can lead us into a better world.

Suzy Snow

I am a part of The Healy Foundation because of the great desire to be a part of a solution: supporting effective nonprofits that are having positive impacts. There is bountiful good work being done, and I get to be a small part in the chain by helping to decide where our funding goes. It gives me great satisfaction to be serving on a board that enjoys working together. We continue to learn and grow with each experience!

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