Hells Canyon (Photo credit: Spencer Macdonald)
About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

The philosophy that guides us every day.

Working Through a Values-Based Lens Matters

It gives us a solid but flexible framework to build better partnerships, which leads to better support of Hawaiʻi and Oregon’s youth, environment and communities.

Our Mission

Youth, Environment & Community

We partner with nonprofit teams working to mitigate climate change, protect ecosystems, educate and advocate for youth and reduce child poverty.

Our Vision

Partnering with Community

We envision a transformed philanthropic sector based on meaningful relationships with nonprofits in the lead in the cultivation of a healthy and resilient planet and in support of our youth reaching their full potential.

Our Guiding Values

Collaboration: We work in a spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness both within our organization and with our external stakeholders.

Authenticity: We are committed to integrity in all that we do. We act truthfully (known as “pono” in Hawaiian culture) in every setting.

Compassion: We honor and respect the role of our grantees and partners, and we strive to always engage our giving with a spirit of joy.

Responsiveness: We recognize the importance of effective and timely communication and being accessible to all parties we engage with. We maintain and constantly strive to improve our giving protocols, while also remaining flexible to support projects that we believe in, and we are receptive to innovation and community need.

Continuous Learning: We understand there will always be more to learn, and we are committed to ongoing education in our focus areas and beyond. We remain curious to our world and seek innovative ways to be more impactful with our resources.

Photo Credits: 

  • Banner: GHCC: Hawkins Pass in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, photo by Renee Patrick
  • Homepage: GHCC: Hells Canyon, photo by Spencer Macdonald